How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back
How to get your ex boyfriend back?….Cheesy but nice….LOL

How to get your ex boyfriend back?….Cheesy but nice….LOL


How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Using tried and true methods…

Relationships are very important parts of our every day lives. They take up about 40% of our time. However, they are only good while they last. Once the break up sets in, that is when all hell breaks loose. Not many handle break ups as they are supposed to be handled. In most cases, this is because one or both parties are still in love. It’s essential to realise this and then work out exactly why you separated. If you do this you’ll stand a much better chance of understanding how to get your ex boyfriend back…or for that matter - girlfriend

This is why depression is one key characteristic of most break ups. One would not get depressed if he or she does not have feelings for the other. If you are in such a situation, here are some tips that will help you work out how to get your ex back.

After a break up, the best thing to do is to keep off your ex. Avoid him or her but do not over do it. This is the best way accomplish getting your ex back. Let the ex go, and give him or her time on their own. This way, he or she will get to realize just how much they miss you. It might sound absurd but it is true. Many do the exact opposite thinking that they are pulling the ex back.

The truth of the matter is that you are only pulling him or her away. An ex does not like it when you become a nag. In fact some of them trend to hate you for that.

There are other mistakes that many commit when trying to get the ex back. Promises are the worst. When planning on how to get your ex back, never make promises. “I promise not to do it again”; this is the most common promise made by many.

This never ends up well. It is good to apologize but do not promise anything. This increases the expectations of the ex. In addition to this, it only acts as proof that the break up was all you fault. Begging helplessly and apologizing for nothing is just proof of guilt. And this is not what you wanted.
However, do not fully avoid the ex. Stay in minimum contact. There are signs that show you that the ex wants you back as well. If you were wondering of how to get your ex back, these signs make your work easy. The first sign is if the ex has some communication lines still open to you,

For example social sites. It is even better if he or she initiates the contacts. Second sign is if the ex is not looking to replace you and lastly if the ex is trying their best to impress you. If both the above signs are in place I would say that you stand a great chance of getting your girlfriend back or solving the riddle of - how to get your ex boyfriend back.


How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back…

Or even your ex girlfriend! You’re thinking of getting your ex back, are you? Well it is possible that you made a real mistake and you want to reunite with the one person that can make you truly happy. If so, you may want to take into consideration this list of five tips for how to get your ex boyfriend back before you pick up the phone. These also work for ex girlfriends too!

  1. Before you go calling your ex and begging them to take you back, consider whether or not you want to be with them again or whether you’re just feeling lost because the relationship was a habit. Sometimes (especially in unhealthy relationships) people become dependent on their partner for their identity. When a breakup occurs, they feel lost, not because the other person was good for them, but because they don’t know what else to do with themselves. Be objective about what you liked and didn’t like about the other person and decide if they really are the person who will make you happy.
  2. Take some time and really think about what happened between you. Don’t just be caught up in the memory of her smile, or the smell of his cologne. Really think about the relationship and how it functioned on a daily basis. Try to pinpoint the problems that led up to your break, and honestly evaluate whether or not those things are fixable.
  3. Work to bring yourself down from your negative state of emotional distress. You need to find ways to channel your fear and sadness so that you can re-connect with your ex in a positive way. A lot of people ignore their health and fitness, and become physically and mentally ill after a breakup. If you are really interested in getting your ex back, you need to take it seriously, act mature, and take care of business.
  4. Take things one step at a time. Don’t call your ex up and immediately start talking about getting together, or go over to their house hoping you’ll be invited to spend the night. It took time to break the relationship and it will take time to rebuild it.
  5. Educate yourself! Check out the many excellent relationship advice books and online resources like “The Magic of Making Up” by T. W. Jackson. There lots of great online sources of wisdom that can aid in learning how to get back your ex boyfriend / girlfriend. Many offer you actual techniques based on real relationships that can be used for getting your ex back—and keeping them.
Oh my ex
Asshole: I am mad at u
Me: uh. why
Asshole: I talked with yourex last night, found out what you did
Me: and what is it that i did?
Asshole: you broke up with him and didn't really give him any reason or closure after 3 years of dating
Me: We did not date for 3 years. First of all. Second of all, I do have a reason and I am dating someone right now that I have strong feelings for. Why do I have to justify anything to you? We have been broken up for a while.
Asshole: ya but you really need to talk to him
Me: I don't see why I have the bad person for moving on. You can only see it through his perspective because you are his friend.
Me: No that's where you're wrong. I don't NEED to do a damn thing.
Asshole: You can move on but he needs closure right now, which involves you talking to him
Me: No. I refuse.
Asshole: Thats just so wrong
Me: I'm the bad guy because I am looking out for my happiness? No.
Asshole: you are the bad guy because you broke up with him and you won't even talk to him now
Me: I am ALWAYS trying to make OTHER people happy. It's my turn now. I am FINALLY getting happier by being with this guy. LOL. What the fuck! That's called a BREAK UP That's what HAPPENS
Asshole: People definetly talk with there exs
Me: I tried being friends. He always wanted more. I can't have that happen now. Also, not always. For example, I am not talking to him now.
Asshole: Its the person that got dumped that is supposed to avoid the other person
Me: LOL. Not true.
Me: I'd appreciate it if you stayed out of my business. I look like the bad guy because you hear his side of the story. Try to understand that there are two sides and that you are bias and a third party.
Me: I could care less if you are mad at me. This is between me and him. I don't expect you to understand what happened previously and what is happening right now.
Asshole: ya, well, he is my buddy and I want to help him out.
Me: It isn't for you to understand anyway. You want to help him out? Be with him. Console him. Call me a bitch. That's what guys do. It's all you can do. Do that instead of harrassing me about MY past relationship. Something you don't know everything about. You only know his side.
Asshole: I just want you to stop ignoring the guy
Me: Well that's not going to happen. I need to be happy too. He'll get over it. He needs to grow up anyway. I never let him grow up. Now he can.
Asshole: sigh, I am dissapointed
Me: So am I. I am dissapointed that such a 'logical' man as yourself cannot differentiate his feelings from his logical reasoning. You are on 'his side' You can't see or understand both sides.Why do I have to be unhappy again to make him happy? Why do I have to sacrafice my relationship to make my EX-boyfriend happy? I am entitled to happiness just as much as he or anybody else is. I am seen as the 'bad guy' the 'whore' I don't think so. I REFUSE to not be heard anymore or to sacrafice my happiness.
Asshole: wow, I am done with
Now - that’s what I call a real “Ex-Girlfriend” LOL. I just think she’s - dead - funny LOL X 2
Many thanks to Petr Kratochvil for his photo “Love Beyond Grave”.

Now - that’s what I call a real “Ex-Girlfriend” LOL. I just think she’s - dead - funny LOL X 2

Many thanks to Petr Kratochvil for his photo “Love Beyond Grave”.


Clues He Or She Would like You Back

The way to overcome a broken heart is something that each guy or girl would like to find out independently. You want to be yourself and figure everything out on your own. So what exactly should you do to overcome the pain of getting your heart broken? If you don’t know if you still want to be friends with your ex this are ways you can do.Look around. Are there things which would remind you of your memories together? Finding this stuff around is only going to allow you to miss the connection more. Put away everything that will remind you of being together. You could be thinking that doing so is a fairly painful step. This seems like putting a period to the relationship once and for all.

For this reason folks tend to stay away from this step. Nonetheless, we have to face it-it’s all over and that’s why it hurts so much. Just put all your memories together in boxes and conceal those away so you won’t even see the bins every day.

Of course there are things you can’t put away that will remind you of your ex, like perhaps the bed you shared together. Make fresh memories-go get a brand new bed in a special shade and pattern. One particular that’s about you.

Provide food, drinks and music. This will give you a break while having a blast and making new memories to associate with the room. I’ll be honest, you may still have instances of misery even after these improvements.

You may even need to take peaceful times while doing changes because it feels flawed to begin this. These behavior are natural. Sadly, when finding out the way to get over a broken heart there’s no miracle wand that can help to make the pain disappear.

However doing such modifications as well as getting rid of things that will carry your boyfriend or girlfriend romantic relationship in your thoughts more than it already is may also help ease all the aches you feel inside.

Remind yourself that you deserve to be happy rather than dedicate all your time in misery. It’s actually simple if you really want to recover from a broken heart once you substitute these difficulties with other matters which are wonderful to you.

Imponderably tasty


Love is like peanut butter

some prefer it smooth, glides
easily along the bread

others like it chunky, rough,
more substance, texture,

nothing comes easy, tears the
bread up from time to time

Ex Boyfriend - QUESTION


what’s a non-awkward, non-disastrous way to ask your ex out to dinner?


Remember that a positive relationship should make you feel great about yourself, not like you don’t matter or have to adjust to the other person’s way of being.


Remember that a positive relationship should make you feel great about yourself, not like you don’t matter or have to adjust to the other person’s way of being.


If I had a dollar for each time I’ve had to stress this shit, I think I’d be Alabama’s youngest african american female millionaire! Love don’t mean shit in a relationship if you’re being treated like shit or you just feel like shit with them. Not saying them literally make you feel like shit but if the connection you had once before isn’t there, it’s time to let it go. Love is a lasting emotion that clouds the mind and hinders proper decision making. It’s hard as hell to do, but you have to be able to see through the haze of love throughout the relationship in order to keep your sanity. I said all of that to say that you can love someone even after it’s over whether you’ve broken up with them or not. People change and you have to just accept that and move on. Relationships are all about growth, you are learning from your partner and you are growing together and as individuals. As individual needs change, shit gets real and sometimes that means it’s time to go your separate ways. You may both mutually still have love for each other but if you have just grown a part to the point where you guys barely know each other, it may be about that time to let it go. So many times we see people for who they once were and for who we wish they would be instead of seeing them for who they are currently. Let go before it gets to the point where love isn’t there and you’re just sick of the person. It’s never good leaving a person with a bad taste in their mouth about you. Plus you only want good memories. You have to be able to accept the fact that some people are only supposed to be in your life for a season. Keep in mind seasons change but they do return, so maybe all you need is a break. Don’t use that last sentence to keep going back to a bad situation for it, there’s excuse for putting up for bullshit regardless of how much you love them and how much they say that they love you. Some people are only supposed to be there for that season of that year of your life, they don’t ever need to come back. You  can love a person with all your might but they still may not be that one for you. Learn to let go of things so better things can come to you. By holding on to a person you love but not happy with another you a hindering someone else worth your while.